I'm not some delicate little flower, show me you want me.
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Looking back at it…2012 was actually a good year!!

  • I celebrated New Year in the Philippines
  • Went to Manila,Tagaytay, EK, Palawan && Boracay
  • Ati-Atihan Festival 
  • Worked at KFC
  • My Birthday <3
  • Achieved my target grades ( Triple Distinctions )
  • Got all five conditional offers back from the Uni’s I applied to.
  • Went to visit Barcelona with friends
  • Went to visit Paris+Disneyland with Family
  • Moved out of my parents house for University. (Independent kuno)
  • Met some awesome people 

When you care too much, you get hurt a lot, so in order to stop hurting you need to care too much. Of course, a lot of people might claim there is a logical fallacy there but let me explain. When you care too much, there is a higher chance of hurting too much, right? And everytime you get hurt, it’s like a dagger sent through your heart, and even if you don’t let others see it, the immense pain is there. You feel it. With time the wound might heal (or it might scar over) and you move on. You care again, and you get hurt again, and the cycle continues; the more you care, the more you get hurt. But then a point comes when your heart is so scarred over that you don’t feel the pain anymore. Your threshold for pain increases, and suddenly the pain doesn’t feel so bad. Think about it in another way. Burnt skin hurts for some time but when the sensory cells die do you feel anything? So in other words, when you care too much, you get hurt a lot, so in order to stop hurting you need to care too much.

Do you agree or not?

"Judging a person does not define what they are, it defines what you are"

This is truly a very thoughtful saying!! ;) What does one judge with? Our own values. If we have no values, there can be no judgment; there can only be information. When we make a judgment of a person, it reflects our own value standards and the obvious part of that person which is the object being judged….. we thus don’t judge the person (we don’t even know him/her completely or well enough), we only judge some obvious words or action or aspect of that person. Therefore, our judgment can never define that person either properly or fully. 

I know people are naturally judgmental as we use the judgment of others to judge ourselves. The real question is, why do you let other people’s opinion bother you? I don’t care about judgmental people, and I only care for the opinions of people I care about. 

I am a hopeless romantic.

…But I believe you have to love yourself before you can love someone else and they can love you. You need to be over the past hurt of the relationship gone bad. 

Maybe you can “find” yourself again first. You know how when you are in a relationship the world revolves around them, but when it is over, what happens then. Well you need to get back to your days of when you were single. What did you do then, enjoyed your friends more, fished, hiked? Whatever it was, get back to it. Discover what you like again. Then when you are ready, without even trying, love will be waiting on the corner again.

I love flowers.

Flowers are the most beautiful natural thing on this earth. Coming from a girl who admires nature. I love flowers because they hold all the answers to everything you’d ever want to know. There are so many different kinds and they grow so beautifully. I like roses…..all colors, but I like tulips even more. I especially love seeing a bundle of different colors together. It’s a special thing to do….is give the girl you like/love flowers and tell her she is as beautiful as the flower, or even more beautiful. And to me that is the greatest compliment. Flowers are like magic and if your lover can appreciate the beauty of nature flowers are extremely important.